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Prepare To care

The most complete, in-depth, and easy to implement guide for those caring for the aging, sick and disabled at home

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Role Reversal and Children as Caregivers
By Ileana Perez de Rivera, RN, BSN,
Health Educator

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Welcome to The Caregiver Console©.

I am glad you have finally found a space where you can put an end to the endless cycle of crisis, as well as find some balance in your life. My name is Ileana Perez de Rivera, RN, BSN, Health Educator. Caring for a loved one that is sick, disabled, aging or terminally ill is a commendable action. It could, however, be a very dangerous journey to embark on without the appropriate tools and assistance needed to travel these tumultuous waters

This is your space, The Caregiver Console™. I created it especially for you. Think of this space as the craft you can use to make the journey with your sick , disabled or aging loved one. Here I will coach and provide you with tools, information and guidance that will empower you to fulfill the promise you made to them and to yourself – “I will take care of you until the end.” This is your console, The Caregiver Console.


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